Our Services

We offer comprehensive services in the area of real estate at very competitive affordable cost. Our services include but are not limited to:

Title Transfer
Transmission of title

It is a common misconception that a notary public charges less for a real estate transaction. In reality the total cost charged by law firms and notary publics are almost the same. The land title filing fee and some other disbursements are the same for everyone, whether it is a law firm or an office of a notary public. The difference lies in how someone “communicates” the actual amount being charged. There are some who will quote a low legal fee to the client BUT increase the disbursements thereby raising the total cost to the client. At Sukhija Law Group we believe in transparency and keeping the client fully informed. There are no hidden fees or disbursements. The client pays the fee and disbursements quoted at the beginning of retainer.

We can also assist you with legal work associated with small subdivisions.

We can assist you with all kinds of corporate matters including but not limited to:

Incorporations Restoration of companies
Maintenance of corporate records
Annual Reports

We can assist you with buying and selling of business. Be it an asset purchase or an acquisition of shares, we are able to assist you with both and ensure a timely smooth completion of your transaction.

If you are contemplating on starting a business where you are expected to sign a lease, think carefully before signing it. You need to be able to properly understand the terms and comprehend the consequences before you make a decision to sign it. Generally, the minimum term to which you will be committing yourself will be at least 3-5 years and possibly longer. Spending some money for obtaining legal advice prior to signing will help you make an informed decision and save you a lot of stress and a possible loss later.

If you are an owner contemplating leasing your premises then you need to ensure that the lease reflects your objectives clearly and comprehensively in order to protect your rights in the property.

Leaving a properly drafted will is a simple yet maybe the most valuable service you can do for your family and rightful heirs. Spending some time and money now can save your family from anguish and the enormous cost involved in having to probate an estate where there is no will. The laws related to this area of law can be complicated and bewildering to a common person untrained in the “Practise of law”. To confound matters, there is always ample “free” and often “unsolicited” advice from various sources which only adds to the misinformation and wrong decisions about whether, how, why a will should be drafted.

The cost involved in probating a will is considerably less than having to probate an improperly drafted one or an estate for which the deceased left no will at all. The choice needs to be a rational and fully informed one – whether to spend some money now to have a will properly drafted and executed OR leave a legacy without a will or an improperly drafted one, thereby leaving substantially less for the heirs as it will be reduced substantially to pay legal bills and the like. Also, you will lose control over your estate as the court will have the “discretion” to choose the appropriate person who will act as an executor of your estate and a trustee (in case minor children are involved).

In September 2011 the law related to incapacity planning underwent a major change in British Columbia after a long time. Now, drafting an Enduring Power of Attorney is akin to drafting a Will. If not properly drafted in accordance with client instructions and objectives it can defeat the very purpose for which it was contemplated by the Donor. Unfortunately, in both scenarios – Will or an Enduring Power of Attorney, it is often too late to correct the error by the time the error surfaces, leaving the family struggling with uncalled for stress, frustration and waste of time and resources.

Representation Agreements are a mechanism through which adults may arrange in advance how, when and by whom decisions about their health care or personal care and routine management of their financial affairs will be made if they become incapable of making decisions independently.

Enduring Power of Attorney and Representation Agreement are both integral parts of planning for incapacity. While Enduring Power of Attorney gives the attorney the authority to make legal and financial decisions on the grantor’s behalf, a Representation Agreement gives the appointee authority to make personal and healthcare decisions for the grantor.

Any capable adult is able to make an advance directive in which he or she may give or refuse consent to any health care in the future provided that the instructions are not contrary to law.

In simple terms probate of a will refers to its validation or approval of the will by a court of law. Almost every will needs to be probated in order that assets of an estate pass through it to the designated heirs. We can assist you with the probate of a will.

We can assist with various administrative disputes with agencies like the Canada Revenue Agency in order that your matter is properly presented and a fair settlement is reached.

We encourage you to contact us for notarization of documents and for visitor declarations.